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Featured projects

Xilinhot Project
30,000 m3/day ground water treatment plant

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Xilinhot City


Inner Mongolia, China


30,000 m3/day


Iron and Manganese removal

Contract type

Turn key

Xilinhot City, of the People’s Republic of China, is about 600 km from Beijing, and Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia, respectively. As part of a recent government initiative to revitalize northeast China, many projects have been contracted in order to help protect and treat water in both urban and rural areas, to enlarge the use of recycled water and to raise recycled water utilization rate. Problem
The plant shall treat feed water that contain high levels of iron and manganese from local wells, and shall produce 30,000 m3/day of clear product water which complies with drinking water quality standards as agreed upon with the client.
The basic approach employed for the removal of iron and manganese involves oxidation to form insoluble iron and manganese, and thereafter, the removal of the suspended insoluble material by filtration.
• Plant meets customers treatment goals for quantity, quality, ease of maintenance and low operating costs
• Pre-treatment raw water with pH adjustment
• Filtration for final removal of iron and manganese
• Log to record plant performance and operating parameter data for trouble shooting and analysis
• Treatment plant designed for fully automatic operation

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