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Paz Ashdod Refinery
Full Turn Key Water Treatment Solution

Quick summary


Paz Ashdod Refinery


Ashdod, Israel

Feed water

Tap water

Product water

Demineralized water

Scope of work

- Complete engineering services
- Detailed design
- Process engineering
- Fabrication
- Start up

Project duration

10 Months


530 m3/d of deionized water


By 2009, PAZ Ashdod Refinery decided to give the go-ahead for an second power plant. The CO-GEN 2, dual-fuel fired 60MW Gas Turbine Generator was to be connected to an Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger.
The co-generation plant consumes treated and demineralized water at its main gas turbine, which is equipped with a water-injection system for boosting power generation and lowering the NOx emission of the plant.
The new deionized water plant provides treated water for its gas-turbine injection system and for other internal needs.


  • Conductivity lower than 0.1 μs/cm and silica below 0.05 ppm
  • Double RO pass desalination and continuous electro-deionization (CEDI)  polishing units
  • 190,000 m³/year plant produces pure water for boiler feed
  • High recovery ratio and maximum water reuse
  • Compliance with the most stringent refinery standards
  • Automatic and easy-to-operate system designed for unattended operation


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