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OPC Hadera 120 MW Power Station
OPC Hadera WTP

Quick summary


OPC Energy




Hadera, Israel


2,400 m³/d

Scope of work

- Complete engineering services
- Detailed design
- Process engineering
- Fabrication
- Startup

Project duration

2 years


OPC Hadera is a natural gas co-generation power plant that will supply the electricity and steam needs of Hadera Paper’s facility as well as provide electricity to Israeli end users.

As a part of the project, there was a need for an advanced water treatment plant to provide a solution for the production of high quality softened water for cooling evaporators, demineralized water for gas turbine make-up and returned condensate treatment.


GES was awarded a turn-key contract for the complete engineering, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of the water treatment plant. The water treatment facility designed by GES implements the Best Available Technologies and is characterized by the following main features:


  • Robust process design. The plant is designed to deliver stable quantity and quality of filtered water under conditions of various feed water quality
  • Space saving design. Special efforts were done to optimize plant equipment arrangement to fit the plant in the minimum space and to provide enough space for smooth future expansion.
  • Maximizing plant overall recovery rate by equipping all the units with full flow control package
  • Sophisticated system control design to allow all plant units flow/pressures to be monitored and controlled by the centralized PLC.
  • Minimizing plant energy by implementing state-of-the-art low fouling RO membranes, VFD and the most advanced equipment units available on the market
  • Minimizing chemicals and water consumption with minimum impact on the environment

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