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Lahat BWRO

Quick summary


Mekorot - National water carrier


GES ltd.


Talmey Yafe, Israel


- First stage 20,000 m³/d
- After expansion 44,000 m³/d

Scope of work

- Full engineering design
- Manufacture
- Construction
- Start up and commissioning
- Training and handling

Project duration

2 years for each stage


Due to the geography of the southern part of Israel, this region lacks sufficient local water sources. Therefore significant efforts are made to utilize every possible local water source, including desalination of brackish water found in wells throughout the region. Mekorot, Israel national water carrier, looked for a sustainable Turn key solution for treating Lahat wells brackish water.


As a leading company specialized in design, construction and operation of state of the art desalination plants, GES supplied Mekorot with a turnkey project utilizing the brackish water of the Lahat wells located in Talmei Yafe near the southern city of Ashkelon.

The project included design, construction, commissioning, testing and handing over to Mekorot a 44,000 m³/day desalination plant built in two stages. The first stage includes the design and construction of a 22,000 m³/day BWRO desalination plant.

Since Lahat is located inland, GES engineering team gave special attention to environmental issues during the design phase, in particular for energy consumption and concentrate disposal issues. The pressure of the concentrate is used to boost the pressure of the RO feed through an energy recovery turbocharger, which also reduces the concentrate pressure, allowing it to be disposed to a special regional concentrate pipeline.


  • Low footprint
  • Minimized power consumption
  • Energy recovery  by turbocharger units
  • Efficient re-mineralization process
  • Low chemicals consumption
  • Lahat3
  • 4_wh
  • Lahat4

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