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JSC “Farg’onaazot” WTP
Industrial water treatment plant for Uzbekistan petrochemical giant

Quick summary


JSC "Farg'onaazot"


Uzbekistan, Fergana region


24,000 m³/d

Contract type

Turn-key project




NaOH production line & Boiler makeup


JSC “Farg’onaazot” is one of the largest Asian chemical enterprises for the production of ammonium nitrate and urea. Most of the internal utilities system were designed and constructed in 60′-70’s and had not been modernized or upgraded since then. The decreased production capacities and frequent maintenance problems called for immediate modernization. In 2016, with the funding from World Bank, “Farg’onaazot” issued a tender for the complete renovation of its water treatment facilities.


GES provided the client with a highly cost-effective solution replacing an old-fashioned chemical-consuming IX Cation and IX Anion cocurrent regenerated units with a modern Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. The RO plant was designed as modular fully independent, prefabricated units shipped in containers for plug-n-play site installation.


  • The improved product water quality of the RO units stabilized the performance of the downstream Mixed Bed units
  • Robust and highly automated RO process lowered WDP downtime events and decreased manpower investment
  • The significant savings in chemicals generated by the plant renovation enables a return on investment for the client of less than two years
  • A positive environmental impact was generated by switching from highly saline hazardous regeneration chemicals waste to a lower
    salinity pH neutral RO reject which complies with local regulations

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