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Dorad 840 MW Power Station
Dorad Power Station WTP

Quick summary




Wood Group


Ashkelon, Israel


5,000 m³/d

Scope of work

- Complete engineering services
- Detailed design
- Process engineering
- Fabrication
- Start up
- Operation and maintenance

Project duration

Supply and commissioning - 18 months
Operation and Maintenance - 24 months


Dorad is the  largest private power station in Israel with an installed capacity of approx 800 MW, about 8% of Israel’s total installed capacity. There was a need for the design and supply of deminerazlization plant treating grid water with high level of both total hardness and total dissolved solids. Due to significant area size constraints, the intended facility had to be designed with minimal footprint.


GES designed a water treatment plant with an unprecedented minimal footprint. The solution was based on double pass RO with the addition of EDI unit. The plant maintains a high water recovery ratio while the disposal water is used in cooling towers and in evaporated cooling systems. High quality and continuous product water flow was assured by implementing dual redundancy in all system components while even triple redundancy was used in product water control system.


  • Total capacity of 5,000m³/d- one of the largest industrial WTP in Israel
  • Dual redundancy level for all system units
  • Double pass RO and an EDI unit to guarantee high level of water purity
  • Minimal footprint for its capacity
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