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Ashdod Energy 55 MW Power Station
1,660 m³/day water treatment plant for the power plant

Quick summary


Edeltech, M+W


Ashdod, Israel


1,660 m³/day WTP

Scope of works

- Complete engineering services
- Detailed design
- Process engineering
- Fabrication
- Start up

Project duration

2.5 years


Ashdod Energy is 55 MW cogeneration plant in South Israel owned by Edeltech. In 2015 GES completed the complex project of the demineralized water treatment plant for the Power Plant. WTP for Ramat Negev Power Plant is capable of producing of high quality demineralized and softened water while ensuring extremely high overall recovery rate of 90%.


Due to the regulation constraints, the main challenge was to ensure very high recovery level. It was achieved by adding an additional desalination unit (RRS) for treating the brine of the main RO system. The WTP was designed to supply the client with two different types of product water: softened desalinated water and high quality demineralized water.


  • Largest industrial WTP in Israel
  • High quality demin water (<0.1 µS/cm)
  • Overall recovery rate of 90%
  • 3 X 50% redundancy for all major process units
  • Optimized power consumption
  • Plant interior

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