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Ashalim 120 MW Power Station
Ashalim 120 MW Thermo-Solar Power Station

Quick summary


Negev Energy


Shikun & Binui


Negev Desert, Israel


Pass 1 product - 1,400 m³/day
EDI product - 150 m³/day

Scope of work

- Complete engineering services: Detailed design, Process engineering
- Fabrication
- Construction & Erection
- Start up

Project duration

2.5 years

Ashalim 120 MW Thermo-Solar Power Plant, owned by Negev Energy, is a newly constructed facility, located in Negev desert. The Power Plant implements parabolic turf thermo-solar technology and is one of the largest renewable energy projects in Israel. Due to the remote location of the plant, limited capacity evaporation ponds are the only solution for discharging the liquid wastes. Therefore, the main design criterion of the water treatment facility was to ensure the overall recovery rate higher than 94%!

GES was awarded a turn-key contract for the complete engineering, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of the water treatment plant. GES came with a unique design, featuring the best available technologies for maximizing the recovery and reusing the effluent.

  • One of the largest renewable energy projects in Israel
  • High-quality demin water (<0.2 µS/cm)
  • Overall recovery rate of > 94%
  • 3 X 50% redundancy for all major process units
  • Optimized power consumption
  • Optimized chemicals consumption

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