GES - Water Treatment Solutions

for Power Stations

Integrated high quality desalinated and ultrapure water solutions for power plants

With the shift from traditional coal-based to gas-based energy generation, today many large industrial facilities are moving towards in-house power generation, with substantial savings on energy costs. This trend is prominent in large petrochemical refineries as well as mining, metallurgy, high-tech and semiconductor facilities, among others.

Working closely with each customer, GES evaluates all aspects of each and every power facility’s water treatment requirements, offering complete and comprehensive solutions for all applications, up to ZLD solution.






GES. Water treatment solutions for each power plant consumer


Process water is a key factor in industrial power generation units. Industrial customers face considerable environmental challenges and stringent quality, recycling and discharge regulations. With 30 years of experience and a solid track record in executing complex industrial water treatment projects, GES has the technology and know-how to provide industrial customers with the most reliable and cost-effective water treatment solution.

GES offers its customers a flexible process design that can treat a wide variety of raw water sources – grid, sea, brackish, waste water and more. The customizable design ensures a stable quantity and quality of treated water at the maximum available recovery rate, for any required application.

By integrating advanced technologies and design methods, GES offers versatile power station water treatment solutions — including complex Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems that produce ultrapure water with a high recovery ratio and maximum water reuse.

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