Successful commissioning works during coronavirus outbreak

Date: 10/04/2020

We are proud to announce that recently GES has completed the commissioning works in the following projects:

  • Containerized plant for production of 840 m³/day of demineralized water for ESHKOL power plant, the third biggest power plant in Israel
  • Containerized plant for production of 576 m³/day of demineralized water for Be’er Tuvia power plant plant, the new Israeli private power station
  • Containerized plant for polishing of 11,500 m³/day condensate for Be’er Tivia power plant.

Plants’ commissioning was done under challenging limitations related to coronavirus outbreak including limited site access, working with special protection equipment and doing the job with an extremely reduced site team.

We, in GES, see our mission in serving our clients, as our top priority, especially in these days.

This is another example of a successfully executed project using know-how developed in our company.

We are proud of this achievement and are seeking new challenges.