MSW award

Date: 22/04/2018

We are happy to announce that GES, in partnership with “Shikun & Binui” group, was awarded 25 years BOT project for the design construction and operation of 1,000 tons/day municipal solid waste treatment facility.

The project, first of its kind in Israel will provide a waste disposal solution for neighboring municipalities, will produce valuable recycled products and will reduce the environmental harm that cause by burring of municipal waste in the ground.

The Israeli municipal and commercial sectors create approximately 4.8 million tons of waste per annum with a 3-5% growth rate resulting from population growth and improvements in the standard of living. The majority of waste ends up in landfills with only 16% recycled.

The facility to be constructed by GES and Shikun&Binui will significantly contribute to the overall reduction of the volume of the burred municipal waste in Israel.