A Message to our Customers

Date: 19/03/2020

Dear Customers,

As you know, currently we are facing difficult times in Israel and all over the world. We in GES see ourselves committed to provide our services, especially during this tough period.

We continue to operate and provide to our customers, despite the difficulties and the limitations, with leading environmental solutions.

Our O&M division currently continues operating and maintaining its plants. None of our water and wastewater treatment plants were stopped even for a minute since the Coronavirus outbreak.

The International Project division, as well, is keeping its operation as schedule as planned. Just yesterday, we shipped our modular, containerized desalination unit  CapsuleTM to our client in South America.

The Chemicals Division is prepared to meet the needs of all its customers and provide customer’s support, especially in those days.

We in GES can promise to make any effort to overcome together this though and hard times.

With strenuous teamwork, we will be able to make it!

For any question, inquiry or advice please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be standing by your side!

We wishing you all health and prosperity.

GES – Your Environmental Expert