Completion of another successful GES industrial water treatment project

Date: 30/05/2019

We are glad to announce the completion of another successful GES industrial water treatment project.

This month the 96 m³/day WTP has started producing the high quality DI water for the for the Sugat 73 MW cogeneration plant needs.

Sugat is a natural gas cogeneration power plant that will supply the electricity and steam needs of Sugat’s facility as well as provide excess of electricity to Israeli end users.

GES has also signed with “Alon Energy” a long term contract for providing full WTP O&M services for the next 10 years.

The plant is designed as two parallel 2×100% units scheduled to produce DI water on a 24×7 basis.

In this project, special efforts were done to provide a compact and fast solution to the client.

The project was done on a fast track taking less than 9 months from contract signing until commercial production of DI water with quality well above the contractual limits.

Special efforts were done to minimize site field works.

All the major equipment was installed inside single standard 40 ft HC container and was pre-fabricated and fully tested at GES workshop.

The plant site erection works took only one week and the plant commissioning activities took only 4 working days including membranes loading.

This is an another example of a successfully executed project using a knowhow developed in our company.

We are proud of this achievement and are seeking new challenges.