Water Treatment Units
ECOnomic & ECOlogic


The DOUBLE-ECO seawater desalination plant is:

  • ECONOMIC, due to its low investment and operational costs.
  • ECOLOGIC, due has the lowest energy consumption at the category and can be chemical-free at some operational conditions or very low chemical consumption at more difficult operating conditions.

This environmentally friendly approach is possible due to DOUBLE-ECO has as pretreatment a battery of multimedia filters equipped with special media, which makes it difficult for bacteria’s colonization and the system uses the reverses osmosis brine to perform the filters backwashes. The fast salinity change at the filters environment acts as a natural biocide, killing the microorganism that tries to colonize the media grains.

Double ECO units

  • Double – ECO – 250 m³/day 
  • Double – ECO  – 500 m³/day 
  • Double – ECO  – 750 m³/day
  • Double – ECO  – 1000 m³/day
  • Double – ECO – 1250 m³/day
  • Double – ECO– 1500 m³/day
  • Double – ECO – 1750 m³/day 

* The DOUBLE-ECO line is a skid mounted complete seawater desalination plant, which can be offered optionally at the containerized version. Using, in this case, one thermos-acoustic insulated new container for the models with production capacity up to 750 m³/day and two containers for the models with a bigger production capacity.

** Peripheral CIP & Flush system can be shared by more than one module.

*** Potabilization system compound by remineralization and post-chlorination available as optional for the clients that will produce drinking water.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Free or very low chemical consumption
  • Plug&Play, rapidly deployable unit
  • Minimal civil works required
  • Small footprint
  • Modular plants of bigger production capacity can be built, offering the advantages of redundancy by modularity and increasing production capacity according to the demand
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