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BAZAN Renewable Resources
From waste to source 15,600 m³/day project

Quick summary


Bazan refinery


GES ltd


Haifa, Israel


15,600 m³/day

Scope of works

- Engineering design
- Equipment rehabilitation
- New equipment construction
- Permits
- Commissioning
- Full O&M under 10 BOT agreement


BAZAN Oil Refinery is the largest industrial waste producer in Israel. The existing waste treatment facilities are unable to treat the BAZAN waste to enable safe disposal to the environment, therefore new innovative solution was required.


In the beginning of 2015, GES was awarded with 10 years BOT contract for rehabilitation and upgrade of wastewater treatment plant capable of treating 650 m³/hr of BAZAN Oil Refinery wastewater to produce high quality desalinated and demineralized water for cooling towers and boilers.


  • Plant production is expanded after the retrofit within the existing footprint
  • Almost no concrete works during the plant retrofit
  • Increased DEMI water production after retrofit
  • Conventional UF was replaced by Airlift MBR
  • Extremely efficient biological polishing step for RO concentrate
  • Process recovery is 60% the impurities in the effluent are concentrated 2.5 times

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